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Wiki page “Scientology” does not exist.

A Scientology dating site? Affinity exchange dating service, pop culture It was very pleasant affinity to her. One of the ladies I was talking to met me for dating at a local coffee shop. My god, the global expansion here is mind boggling. Don’t have an account? And two how they idealized LRH in a manner in which they sought to implement every aspect they attributed to him. A sassy blogger at Jezebel wrote about it yesterday. I would assume that the people on that site would consider it a reasonable thing to do. In love and relationships it is also very important to find someone that shares the same values as you.

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A sassy blogger at Jezebel wrote about it yesterday. You can imagine how our ears perked up upon reading the headline: Bizarre dating sites you didn’t know existed Although the site is not overtly “for Scientologists,” its “spiritual” nature suggests that it could be. Use our spiritual chat or IM system to make spiritual, conscious connections with other singles in your local area or from around the world.

Affinity exchange affinity exchange is a dating service catering to people who are adherents of the philosophy of hubbard. Reviews of affinity exchange – online dating service for over 25 years, for over 25 years, we have been helping people whose lives are dedicated to spiritual.

Ron Hubbard that helps eliminate irrational fears, unwanted emotions and psychosomatic illnesses. Learn how the Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, book has appeared on numerous bestseller lists, has been translated in… Scientology Beliefs: The Components of Understanding Scientology Beliefs: The Parts of Man Scientology Beliefs: The Parts of Man Learn more: Ron Hubbard – What Is Greatness? Ron Hubbard, Founder of Dianetics and Scientology.

Alley: ‘Scientology made me like people’

Describing the positive impact of Scientology organizations on the communities they serve, Mr. As an engineer, he employed highly precise technological tools to illuminate spiritual phenomena. The result is a definitive resolution between science and religion. Spirituality lives in the 21st century and in that regard, Mr.

After our explorations we return to our hotel in Mexico City, visiting the Basilica de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe en route to view the image of the miraculous Virgin Maria. What resulted from the clash of these two cultures is one of the strangest overlaps of cultural and religious symbolism in Mexico, if not the New World.

Scientology Dating February 13, By Mike Rinder Comments It seems there is an increased interest in date locating 🙂 in the shrinking world of scientology.

Share Death of a Scientologist Greg Bashaw’s father respected him and trusted him to make wise choices. Even after he chose to devote his life to Scientology. By Tori Marlan While the shock and grief of his son’s suicide were still fresh, Bob Bashaw read back through their decades-long correspondence, looking in particular for references to Scientology. His son Greg had been a member of the Church of Scientology for more than 20 years. During that time other relatives, fearing he belonged to a cult, had voiced concerns.

But Bob supported his son’s choice, because he believed people should be free to practice their religion without getting hassled about it–and because he couldn’t find a good enough reason not to.

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Ron Hubbard once said that the only way you could ever have anything, and keep it from the government, was to start a church. You are correct about the charity. When I asked one of the recruiters for Scientology in Portland, why they did not allow their library to be open to the public, or otherwise disseminate the knowledge that Hubbard had collected, if the idea was to promote psychological health, and spiritual advancement, he said “no one really values anything that they do not have to pay or work for”.

And something about how giving anyone anything without exchange lessens the individual receiving it. There is some truth to that.

Welcome to the Affinity Exchange Since , the Affinity Exchange dating service has been helping people whose lives are dedicated to spiritual enhancement and .

Top 20 Coolest Churches of Minneapolis — St. Paul Posted on by Seth Exploring the Twin Cities, one notices there is an abundance of beautiful and unique churches to be found. Its construction dates back to and its architecture is a mix of Greek Revival and Romanesque. Visitors travel from all over the suburbs to attend services at this pretty little house of worship. Think about that for a second. The church structure dates back to , but the parish started a few years before that.

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When the military base was decomissioned in , the chapel was scheduled for demolition as the highway system was coming through.

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Ron Hubbard, then recharacterized by him in as an “applied religious philosophy. The Church presents itself as a non-profit religious organization dedicated to encouraging development of the human spirit. Providing counseling and rehabilitation programs, the Church offers itself as an alternative to psychiatry, which Scientologists believe to be a barbaric and corrupt profession. Church spokespeople attest that Hubbard’s teaching called “technology” or “tech” has freed them from drug and alcohol addictions, depression, learning disabilities, mental disorders and other problems.

Scientology, however, has been the object of many allegations that sharply contradict the Church’s self-description. Critics—including officials of several governments—have characterized the Church of Scientology as an unscrupulous commercial organization; it has often been described as a cult that harasses its critics and exploits its members.

Scientology, whose members include such happy couples as John Travolta and Kelly Preston, reportedly has ties to a dating service called Affinity International. BUT BEWARE. Apparently, the group’s services don’t always come cheap.

Scientology … If you just found out that you are not a scientist, you can always become scientologist, I bet they welcome all. Yesterday I had a real physical contact with some members of Church of Scientology in Boston. I made my own research and it all has brought me to blogger with very interesting results … Scientology is a sect, similar to Mormonism, however found in XX century in the United States by Lafayette Ronald Hubbard — science fiction writer.

He also experienced bigamy and when one wife, named Sara, filed for divorce, she accused Hubbard of kidnapping their baby daughter Alexis, and of conducting “systematic torture, beatings, strangulations and scientific torture experiments”. Currently there is a Church of Scientology considered as a non-profit organization that gathers unknown number of members the sect proclaims 8 million scientologists worldwide, while some Web sites talk about 50 thousand within the United States, and couple more thousands spread all over the world.

Essentially, they all honor L. Hubbard and his beliefs. In this blog, I am going to provide some fascinating and absurd keywords of Scientology, then there will be a line on my own experience and burned hands put on the work of Hubbard, lastly I will leave a virtual sticker with large: The goal is to clean ourselves human beings from previous traumatic experiences, and to achieve it some tools are available: Hubbard was working on his doctrines for 33 years and his books were translated to 66 languages — numbers, codes, abbreviations, symbols, esoteric knowledge and message with no substantial information.

Shh…it is a secret.

Affinity Exchange — Online Dating Service for Over 25 Years

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Ron Hubbard, and how he used these materials to form the core of his secret “Sacred Scriptures” The ransacking of the FACTNET files and data base by the OSA Raid Team was not unexpected and the timing of the raid, not surprisingly, corresponded to the scheduled release date of this material. FACTNET hopes these series of articles will create meaningful dialogue and that all readers will give this report, and future reports, the widest distribution on the Internet and other areas of Cyberspace, and amongst the general public.

Hubbard and the Occult I stand before you having been accused in print by L. Ron Hubbard’s followers of having an avid interest in black magic. I would like to put firmly on record that whatever interest I have is related entirely to achieving a better understanding of the creator of Dianetics and Scientology. Hubbard’s followers have the right to be made aware that he had not only an avid interest, but that he was also a practitioner of black magic.

Today I shall discuss these matters in depth, but I shall not repeat all of the proofs which already exist in my book A Piece of Blue Sky Scientology is a twisting together of many threads. Ron Hubbard’s first system, Dianetics, which emerged in , owes much to early Freudian ideas The notion that this mind thinks in identities comes from Korzybski’s General Semantics.

Initially, before deciding that he was the sole source of Dianetics and Scientology , Hubbard acknowledged his debt to these thinkers Dianetics bears marked similarities to work reported by American psychiatrists Grinker and Spiegel and English psychiatrist William Sargant

Spendy dating service has Scientology ties

As it turns out it is something that other families have run into with one or more persons within their family. The subject is manners. This is using manners.

Affinity is conceived in Scientology to be something of many facets. Affinity is a variable quality. Affinity is here used as a word with the context “degree of liking.” Man would not be man without affinity. Every animal has affinity to some degree, but man is capable of feeling an especially large amount.

In my effort to create a relationship, I had tried to fit square pegs into round holes. I met beautiful beings, but they were not good matches for me. Thus I decided to focus on family and spiritual goals and made myself inactive while I regrouped. However, something seemed missing without a 2D in my life to share and create with, so I would still browse now and then to see who was new. I winked and he responded in short period of time.

The first time we talked for hours and both expressed some interest in meeting. Then he stopped communicating. I assumed he had met someone and deleted him from my phone; but some few weeks later he reached out to me. I honestly thought it was just to talk to another person of the same religion. Anyway, we texted and talked daily and finally face-timed.

I found him quite handsome and very elegant. We shared being physically active and having a healthy lifestyle. He is intelligent, funny, very ethical and simple. I admired the being immensely, and we had a similar aesthetic taste.

What is the Importance of Love in World Religions?

It was part of a standard introductory session which had begun with the free Hubbard film and lecture. I was led to a small room by a Miss Adler, a pleasant-looking, large lady who, as I was already getting used to with scientologists, insisted on glaring at me from beneath lowered brows. The room we entered was small and I was made to sit down on one side of a small table.

Feb 02,  · Affinity Exchange Marcia Powell founder discusses her own Scientology beliefs offers a number of choices of religion, including “Conscious/Spiritual” and “Scientology.” (Jill Crosby) bio on the website of the Conscious Dating Network, which she founded (and of which Affinity Exchange appears to be a part) says, “she has a very deep.

Timeline of Scientology and History of Dianetics L. Ron Hubbard Two men in naval uniform Lts jg L. Ron Hubbard and Thomas S. Moulton in Portland, Oregon in Main article: Ron Hubbard Further information: Early life of L. Ron Hubbard and Military career of L. Hubbard spent three semesters at George Washington University but was placed on probation in September He failed to return for the fall semester.

On May 18, , the subchaser left Portland. That night, Hubbard ordered his crew to fire 35 depth charges and a number of gun rounds at what he believed were Japanese submarines. Hubbard apparently did not realize that the islands belonged to US-allied Mexico, nor that he had taken his vessel into Mexican territorial waters.

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